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 We recommend to you the textile products made in China as follows:

中纤带又称柔性打包带、高强纤维捆扎带、聚酯纤维捆绑带等,英文PET Cord Strap,网页www.hzatuk.icu/petcordstrap.htm

Viscose yarn equipment

Rayon filament machine

 Melt spinning tester, pilot plant, spinning machine equipment and trial production line for laboratory and university college etc.


1/fire resistant series (modacrylic fiber)

?/FONT> fire resistant fiber

?/FONT> fire resistant yarn

?/FONT> fire resistant fabric


2/ polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)


3/ PVA staple fiber


4/ water soluble PVA product

?/FONT> PVA soluble staple

?/FONT> water soluble PVA staple dissolving at 70

?/FONT> PVA soluble top


5/high strength & high modulus PVA fiber


6/non-woven fabric series

?/FONT> non woven vinylon fabric

?/FONT> medical non-woven product (surgical rang, single use)


7/other man-made fiber and products

?/FONT> viscose fiber

?/FONT> nylon 6, nylon 66

?acrylic fiber





8/art textile products


9/chemical products

?/FONT> cobalt acetate, stibium acetate , manganese acetate (used as catalysts in polyester)

?/FONT> flame-retarder for PET



We can look for and offer you any textile, or chemical product made in China with high quality and reasonable price which are not listed in this catalogue according to your inquires as long as you give us the name of the commodity, specifications and quantity you require. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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